Buying Reference Tools for Bible Software: Pros and Cons

Nowadays most people have access to various applications on their computers, tablets, or phones that they use to study the Hebrew Bible. Many of these programs include electronic copies of bibles, dictionaries, grammars, commentaries, and many other reference tools for biblical studies. While this software has become essential for almost all scholars, working with an […]

How to Use Biblical Hebrew Dictionaries

Biblical Hebrew dictionaries can be used in a variety of different ways to give you information about a word you are examining. They are some of the most important tools for biblical studies. However, it is important to recognize that Biblical Hebrew dictionaries are not like modern dictionaries. Because Biblical Hebrew dictionaries contain so much […]

How Biblical Hebrew Dictionaries are not like Modern Dictionaries

When you use a normal dictionary, you look up the meaning(s) of a word and then you have an idea of what the word you’re examining might mean. In Biblical Hebrew the process is not so simple. This is because of the nature of dictionaries. How Modern Dictionaries Work Modern dictionaries are created by looking […]

Leningrad Codex

The Leningrad Codex is one of the most important manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible available for scholars today. After the partial destruction of the Aleppo Codex in 1947, the Leningrad Codex became the oldest complete manuscript of the Hebrew Bible still in existence. The Leningrad Codex has served an important place in modern critical editions […]

How to Develop a Daily Reading Schedule

If you want to read the Bible in Hebrew every day, you must work this practice into your daily life. Many people find it helpful to develop a regular routine for reading, as well as a schedule of which texts they will read. This post explains how to develop a daily reading schedule. It is […]

Why You Should Read the Bible Every Day

The most important practice you can develop to help you become a better biblical scholar is to read a little bit of the Bible in Hebrew every single day. This post explains why you should read the Bible every day. There is also a follow-up post that explains how you can develop a reading routine […]

Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew

One of the most difficult things about learning Biblical Hebrew is making the jump from finishing an introductory Hebrew course to reading the Bible in Hebrew. The Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew is a helpful tool for students making this transition. What is the Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew? Miles V. Van Pelt and Gary […]

Why is Modern Hebrew Important for Biblical Studies?

Nowadays it is becoming more and more common for people who study Biblical Hebrew to also learn Modern Hebrew. Understanding this trend requires some awareness of the importance of language work for studying the Hebrew Bible. Traditional Language Work Required for Hebrew Bible Study Over the past 100-200 years, biblical scholars have carried out three […]

Hebrew Bible vs Old Testament

When I first began dreaming up the idea for this website (back when I hadn’t realized both how much work or how fulfilling it would be!), I was faced with a very serious question: should the website be called “Hebrew Bible Scholar” or “Old Testament Scholar”? Wanting to avoid potential controversy, I had thought that […]

What is the Hebrew Bible?

Often people ask, “What is the Hebrew Bible?” You would think that the term Hebrew Bible would be easy to define. It’s just the part of the Bible which is in Hebrew, right? However, the term is actually quite complicated. And, unfortunately, when you begin to get into the details of what it might actually […]