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It takes time, effort, and money to create and maintain a website. Although this website is a labor of love, it would be great if it could be financially self-sustainable.

At present there are two (free!) ways to support the site:

Shop on Amazon using links

If you plan on ordering anything on Amazon (not just books, but anything at all), please come to this site first. If you click on an Amazon link on this site and then purchase any product from Amazon within 24 hours, Amazon will pay this site a small percentage of your purchase.

Please note that it won’t cost you any extra money to purchase items from Amazon after visiting this site. So if you’re already planning on buying something from Amazon, you can actually support this site for free! Here is a link to Amazon you can use right now.

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Contact if you find any errors on the site

Financial help is greatly appreciated, but there is another very important way to help

Making a website of this size is a large task for a full-time student. It is not easy to detect all of the errors present in this site. If you come across a typo, a website error, or something factually incorrect, please use this contact form to report it.

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